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Phineas Newborn Jr. photo

Blues For The Left Hand: A Phineas Newborn Jr. transcription. This is a good study in left hand technique as the entire piano part was played the left hand only. My good friend James Williams introduced me to Phineas and we quickly formed a warm friendship that lasted until he passed away. Phineas would often perform half of a set without taking his right hand out of his pocket! But when he did, all hell would break loose! This tune is based in part or perhaps wholly on John Coltrane's Weird Blues.

Ahmad Jamal. photo

But Not For Me: Ahmad Jamal's classic trio rendition of this tune. Listen to the bass lines of the late, great Israel Crosby. The drums and piano parts in my Jamal series are approximations and I think that you'll get the "flavor" of the original recordings. Ahmad and I have been friends since the seventies but I was an avid fan and admired him and his trio long before I met him.

Oscar Peterson photo

You Are My Sunshine: Oscar Peterson plays most of the piano here!. Oscar sequenced the head and piano solo himself. Everything else was done by Matra Productions.

Miles Davis photo

Joshua: A septet rendition of this Miles Davis classic signature song. Of course you don't have to be a musician to appreciate a good song but if you are, this is a great tune to study and practice. The song follows the standard AABA form. Each A section is written in 4/4 time and is 12 measures in length. The B section is 8 measures long and changes to 3/4 for the first 6 bars and then back to 4/4 for the last 2 bars. During the "solo" choruses, the Bridge is repeated in triplicate every time. You'll have lots of fun while practicing this one. Guitar and vibes are featured on the solos.

Joe Henderson photo

Hocus Pocus: A great composition by the late great Lee Morgan. Featured here are solo transcriptions of Joe Henderson (tenor sax) and Lee Morgan (trumpet). This tune is based on Mean To Me chord changes.

Thelonius Monk photo

Four In One: One of Thelonius Monk's many classic compositions. This file features a "loose" transcription of Hal Overton's arrangement and orchestration of this song. This transcription was derived from an album which was recorded at New York City's Town Hall. A few of Monk's signature piano-isms can be heard but the main focus here is to give you a good idea of what Hal Overton's original score sounds like.

John Coltrane photo

Three Little Words: An up-tempo jazz rendition of this standard. This midi file features solo transcriptions of John Coltrane (tenor sax) and Milt Jackson (vibes). The flute solo is actually a transcritption of what Hank Jones played with his right hand. I close this one with a piano solo.

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